A Veggie Burger Recipe

Love a good burger that even though vegetarian or vegan burgers lack flavor.

After trying recipe after recipe we found one that is tasty  non-meat based burgers are made from tofu (a soybean product), or dried beans.

You can add:


– use  portabello mushrooms. that can be grilled like a burger all on their own

Black beans

-to add depth ,nutrition and  fiber.


  • avoid  onions because they can overpower a delicate balance
  • use shallots because theyare milder, but still impart an onion flavor.


  • perfect replacement for them is  a tablespoon of flax seeds (for each egg) .Soak them in water for ten minutes.

Bread crumbs or oatmeal

  • to hold burgers together and provide texture.

Worcestershire sauce

  • for extra flavor and go for  a brand made without anchovies.


  • a basic seasoning for these burgers
  • choose a type that suits you.


  • oregano, dill, and parsley or what ever works for you best

Veggie Burger Recipe
–  cut into small pieces 2 cups of portabello mushrooms,
-soaked until soft and mashed 2 cups of black beans,
-brown in a pan½ cup minced shallots
– 3 spoons of  flax seeds soaked in water
-½ cup bread crumbs or oatmeal
-1 tbsp worcestershire sauce
-½ tspsalt
1 tsp dried herbs of choice
-oil for cooking
-cast iron skillet or grill


  • blend everything together
  • form into patties
  • store in refrigerator, overnight
  • heat cast iron skillet on medium high heat
  • add the oil
  • put the burgers
  • sear on one side,
  • flip and sear the other side
  • lower the heat
  • cook through
  • serve hot


Live healthy and amazing life …


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