Unbelievable!!! One Tea Bag Will Chaise Mice and Spiders Away

Mice and spider in and around the house are problem that affects a huge number of homeowners .

People spend fortune on a professional assistance to solve this problem instead of looking for   an alternative approach.

Very simple and  effective technique can  eliminate these pests quickly  and it has been practiced for hundreds of years.

Bags filled with peppermint tea will do the work read on to learn how.

– take some peppermint tea

-brew it

– put the used tea bags  in every corner of your home


  • also you can  use peppermint essential oil
  • simply fill a spray bottle with water
  • add 10-15 drops of the essential oil
  • spray  in your home
  • for spiders you can use lemon oil and cinnamon.


Enjoy your pest-free home!


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