Try This Exercises and Get Rid of Folds on Your Back and Sides !!!

A fit body  can be very hard to acquire if you have to work to lot and you no time to invest in your body .Well you are wrong ad thanks to this 7 exercises you will be able to stay  vitalite and tone our body even with a busy schedule .
Since the  back is  one of the most essential parts of our body and we often  neglect it thanks to this exercises you will manage to keep it  straight and will remove all back pain that appears as a result of too many hours in front of your computer.

Repeat the exercises couple  times a week. The countdown :

7.Band forward

  • Put your hands on the ground(don’t twist your knees)
  • stay in in a straight position
  • lean down once more
  • repeat 10 to 15 times.

6.Side bands

  • put one of your hands down using a dumbbell
  • put your other hand behind the back piece of your head
  • move your arm with short movements
  • repeat 15 to 20 times.


  • will do a lot of good to  your hands too.

4.Bow stance

  •  lay on your belly
  • grab your lower legs with your hands
  • curve forward and in reverse
  • do this for 60 seconds.

3.Superman posture

  • lay on your belly
  • lift your hands while your legs remain still
  • repeat this procedure from 15 to 20 times.

2.Upper back lifts on stability ball

  • can be done with a ball
  • take the ball and lay with your stomach on it
  • spread your legs at the width as your shoulders
  • hands have to be on the back of your head
  • lift and bring down your shoulders
  • keep your neck is in a straight position.


  • beneficial for your back
  • start preparing several weeks in advance by doing a bridge after doing a bridge
  • lie on your back and then bend your knees
  • the palms of your hands need to be put on the ground above your head
  • lift your body gradually and also your shoulders
  • curve your back
  • stay in this position for several seconds
  • bring your body down to the ground gradually.


Stay fit and amazing …


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