Top 3 reasons why men eventually leave ‘good’ women

We all want to believe in everlasting love , to believe in true love because we grow up reading   fairy tales and dreaming about them.You are your favorite princes and as we grow older our prince gets his look according to the person we love .

Even when we grow older and experience some disappointments in love and life we   must keep romantic inside .

When we look  sometimes a girl  she seems to be flawless and everyone tells her  that, but her man goes away leaving her wondering what she did wrong .

We all have seen that kind of example where a girlfriend, who seems to be perfect is left by her man  and this seems  unreasonably.

Here we will tell you that no mater how perfect you are there are some strings attached to this decision and this are the main 3 reasons why men eventually leave a  “good” women.

NO 1

  •  a good women  is a woman that  totally corresponds to socially approved type of women,(usually this means  caring  nice, obeying but also  predictable)
  • men that left say that they felt  under pressure with “perfect women”  that usually expect everyone around to   be perfect,
  • Bree from the Desperate Housewives is typical example and as you know she is  demanding to her man
  • being perfect means having understanding to other peoples imperfections in which  you fall in love in the first place

NO 2

  • your are not partners, but competitors
  • when your “good” woman is right, she makes sure you know you are wrong
  • in relationship   this can become quite annoying
  • try to make a balance and make the competition fun so you wont hurt his pride


NO 3

  • men don’t feel loved and respectful in relations with a “good woman”
  • this feeling makes them cheat on their female partner and  leave them
  • there is connection between 2 and 3 because when women win the competitions and this happens many times she loses respect for her man
  • so woman if you want to keep your man  you need to lift him up at your level instead of watching him from above.




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