Homemade Acne Remedies

Puberty can be bad if you have to deal with acne but here we have some homemade solutions to deal with this skin problem .

#1 Banana Peels

– reduce inflammation.
– rub peel onto cleansed face for 1-2 minutes
– rinse and hydrate as usual.

#2 Aspirin

– exfoliate skin
– put 1-2 uncoated aspirin into a plastic bag
– crush
– put into bowl
– add a few drops of water
– mix to create a thick paste
– put onto affected area
– let it act for 20 minutes
– rinse and hydrate as usual.

Use only as spot treatment, not entire mask.

#3 Eye Drops

– reduce readness
– squeeze a few drops into bowl, with a Q-tip,
– apply and let it act

#4 Apple cinder Vinegar

– balance skin
– mix 1 part water with 1 part vinegar
– apply and let it act overnigh
– rinse & hydrate in the morning.

For spot treatment
– swap Q-tip with vinegar onto pimple
– let it sit all day under makeup.

#5 Raw Honey

– heal pimples
– apply all over face
– let it sit 20-30 min
– rinse & hydrate afterwards.


Live healthy and amazing life …


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