Feeling Tired All The Time -READ Why …

You can feel tiered but if you feel tired all the time means that you have to find the causes of fatigue.
Here are the most common:

Lack of essential vitamins and minerals

Vitamin B12 lacking from your diet can lead to excessive fatigue and even brain dysfunction. Have your B12 levels tested and then get B12 shots every month.

Lack of physical activity

Sitting behind a desk from dawn to dusk and then going home and sitting again , watching some TV and sleeping will make you feel tired all the time among other symptoms.Human body function most optimally when it is exercised so move, move, move and make sure that you get as much natural light as you can. It cures fatigue and lack of sleep.


Fat-laden foods make your body have to work extra hard to break down your meal than if you had fruits or vegetables. Eat it in moderation and if you need to spend all day sitting down, skip the burger and eat nuts and fruits .
When watch the Saturday afternoon football match with a double burger ,then go ahead and jump around until burn it off.


It’s a major factor and the best is when we recognize it and refuse to let it affect us.
Stressful life is bad and there are things that you can do to change it .
Working in a high-stress office requires to get home and cleanse using meditation, long baths or whatever methods you prefer.

Stressful situation are the ones you can change so go ahead and get started .You will see that you feel less stressed ,also learn that there are things that you cannot change no matter how much you stress about them, so let them go.

Live healthy and amazing life …


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