Fast Weight Loss Diet Plan

Keeping your weight is order one of the biggest challenges  these days that even active young people are overweight .There are  children with clinically obesity .There are some scary numbers when it comes to  overweight at both gender and all ages.

Problems That are Caused by Overweight

  • increases the chances of high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiac problems, ulcers, digestive disorders, gout, thyroid problems
  •  causes physical and psychological stress;
  • fact: third of the world consumes 50% more food than they need,

Why people Become Overweight?

Unhealthy lifestyle

  • too much work,not enough sleep

No physical activity.

  •  everything we do is lately done by machines
  • too many hours on the PC,
  • we don’t walk any more – we just drive or take the cab;

Bad eating habits

  • no time to cook so we eat fast food far too often,
  • even the supposedly healthy food is not exactly healthy
  • eating  too much processed and packaged foods,  flour, bread, bakes, pastries and fried food.

How can you know if you are overweight?

  • you have  visibly gained weight
  • fat percentage and waist shouldn’t be passed. For women, 25% – a 2-3% increase is  fine
  • your clothes doesn’t fit
  • people are asking you if  you gained weight?
  • you are eating more and getting frequent cravings.

Proven and Fast weight loss Diet Plan

  • Eat a little less than you feel you need.
  • Eat enough to feel hungry every 3 hours;
  • Don’t drink  water during and after meals;
  • eat a liquid diet rich in soups and milk. 25-30% of your diet should be liquid,
  • coffee, tea, soft drinks, canned juice and alcohol should be brought to a minimum
  • don’t eat after 8 PM … grab a cup of milk or a piece of fruit;
  • for snacks – lime juice, smoothies, seasonal fruit or salad
  • avoid snacks more than 4 times a day;
  • start and end the  day with a glass of warm water
  • avoid junk food
  • eat lightly cooked vegetarian food;
  • walk 30 minutes a day

Fast Weight Loss Diet Plan


Live healthy and amazing life ..


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