Breast Cancer Symptoms

Early detecting is essential when it comes to surviving from cancer so you should know the possible warning signs when you do your regular breast check:

1. Lump in the breast or under the arm
– pay special attention to lumps that do not hurt, feel hard and have uneven edges.
– if you notice unusual lumps and tenderness in the underarm or breast area visit your doctor.

2. Unusual swelling under the arm
– feel carefully under your arm
– if there is any areas that feel unusually swollen visit your doctor.

3. Dimpled skin
– check if there are dimpling of the skin over the breast
– also check for general skin irritation
– if there are visit your doctor.

4. Changes in the skin around the nipple
– see if there is a change of colors, shapes or textures in the skin around your nipple
– if you notice changes in skin pigmentation visit your doctor.

5. Unusual swelling of one breast
– breasts aren’t exactly even
– however if you notice any unusual swelling visit your doctor .

6. Gland enlargement
– if you notice it in the breast or around the underarms visit your doctor.


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