The Best Uses for Aspirin

We all do and the doctors  to , looking for one medicine that heals everything and there we have it -ASPIRIN .

Many people think of aspirin as a miracle drug and there are  scientists that continue to discover its properties.

This might comes as a surprise to you as it came to me when I discovered that  aspirin is a miracle cure with benefits  far exceed the temporary relief from fever, aches and pains.

Aspirin  in health :

-reduces the risk of cancer

-reduces the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

You  can use  aspirin to enhance your beauty and it can be prepared in  5 ways:


-dissolves dead skin and  shed the skin’s top layer,

-reduces the possibility of clogged pores

-treats rosacea

-clears up redness and decreases swelling

-fights psoriasis

-make psoriasis lesions thinner and  reduce itch.

#2  HAIR
-No Dandruff

-add aspirin in your  shampoo

-apply to your scalp to  reduce scalp inflammation that causes dandruff

-wash as usual .

#3 Soothing Effect for bug bites

-thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties  aspirin is able to reduce the redness, swelling and pain from bug bites. -make an aspirin paste form crushed aspirin pills and a little water

-or just dampen an uncounted aspirin

-apply it to the affected area for a few minutes

#4 Stain Remover

-attacks the compounds found in sweat and breaks them down

-crush some pills

-let them dissolve in some warm water

-pit the clothes in

-let them sit for an hour

-wash as usual.

#5 Healthy and Green Plants  natural defense

– increases growth rate of the plant

– dissolve an uncounted aspirin in one gallon of water

-spray onto any of your plants

– if you want to prolong the life of fresh cut flowers add a few aspirin pills to water

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Live healthy and amazing life …


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