90 Day Diet Plan Menu

Successful  diet to lose all extra pounds in  only 90 days .You can lose up to 25 kg ( 55 pounds ).

First remember to :

  • always start the diet with protein day
  • continue with:
  • starch day
  •  fruit day
  •  protein day
  • always keep the same order.


  • every day eat only fruit
  •  eat 2 same fruits or a fist of dry fruit

Day 1 – protein day


  • 250 g meat – boiled or roasted
  • or 3 boiled eggs ,one piece of bread and salad
  •  soup without noodles


  • as  lunch
  • no soup

Note :

Lunch and diner must be the same .

Day 2 -starch day


  • combine beans, peas, spinach and  potatoes
  • consume them boiled and season only with some salt or boiled tomato
  • one piece of bread
  •  salad


  • same as lunch only half portion smaller .

Day 3 – carbs day


  • boiled pasta with ketchup
  • pica with ketchup


  • 2 pieces of cake
  •  or 3 bools ice-cream
  • 20 -30 g of black chocolate

Day 4 – fruit day

  • lunch and diner are combination of different fruit by your choice

After  7×4  do one water day.In this day you need to only drink water and tea.

Tips :

  • drink coffee and tea without sugar
    don’t drink  juices
  •  stick to the routine and don’t miss a meal
  • eat fruit in the morning to boost your energy
  • eat  dark chocolate to s top allergies


  • after 90 days  continue eating fruit for breakfast for another 90 days
  • you can eat whatever you want for lunch and diner.
  • you will lose extra  3 -4 kg


Stay fit and healthy !!!


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