Face Cleaning 2 Component Mask

Skincare and Face Cleaning keep your skin young and beautiful and since the face is the first thing we notice when we look at someone we need to do proper care.

Factors like:
– climate change,
– sun exposure
– dirt from the environment
influence on our face and if we do not maintain the skin with enough nutrient and properties, wrinkles and signs of premature aging will appear .

You need to perform a natural treatment, capable of revitalizing your skin in a very short time, that provides natural benefits without problems of having an unexpected side effect.

You will use free of dangerous chemical compounds that work effectively with any type of skin, including smooth skin, without negative reactions.

This mixture can treat:
– scars,
– acne,
– redness,
– dirt,
– fat,
– dead skin
– reduce wrinkles.

The bicarbonate will :
– restore an adequate level of pH
– accelerate healing.

Coconut oil will
– moisturize
– remove bacteries.

Combine this two ingredients to get a safe treatment but consider your skin type.

For sensitive skin:
– apply a ratio of oil and bicarbonate to 2: 1 respectively.

For a deep exfoliating treatment
– use the 1: 1 ratio.

Preparation and use:
– Mix both ingredients well and if necessary use some hot water.
– Apply on the skin with deep massages in the area.
– Let it act for a couple of minutes .
– Wash well with warm water.


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