10 Body Hacks Everyone Should Know !!!

There are a lot of different hacks and here are the top 10 according to us:


  • when you afraid of injections because it hurts
  • help yourself with coughing,
  • as soon as the needle touches you start coughing to lessen the pain
  • a sudden cough can provide a little bit of comfort during an injection.


  • itching of the throat can make you feel very uncomfortable and  is virtually impossible for you to scratch inside
  • relieve the itch by scratching your ear
  • it stimulate the ear nerves, which create a reflex within your throat.

– very helpful for people who have a stuffy nose

-push your tongue against your mouth’s roof and at the same time,

-put a finger in between your eyebrows to stimulate the vomer bone, causing your stuffy nose to loosen.

– when you are eating ice cream or anything cold
– put your tongue on the roof of your mouth to prevent brain freeze.

– when you are at parties and music is too loud and you cannot hear the person you are talking to
-turn to your right side and use your right ear when the person is talking
– to hear a music do the opposite
– the right ear is more capable of hearing a rapid speech while the left is for music.

– you get quite drunk at a party
– prevent feeling dizzy by putting a hand on a stable piece of furniture or anything that will help support you.

– when you are feeling sleepy and you have eaten a lot,
– lay on your left side because the stomach is lower on this part
– this way food and acid in your stomach will not go up your throat.

– a nosebleed
– put a small ball of cotton on the part of the mouth just behind the dent below the nose and start pressing
– it will stop the blood supply that flows through the nose.

– a toothache
– rub ice on the area where your index finger and thumb meet
– it is a natural pain reliever as it numbs your hand while removing your toothache.

– if you are having a feeling of pins and needles in your hand
– move your head and neck to decompress the nerves that cause your hand to fall asleep.

Extra tips:
– when we have an important event coming up we are nervous about it we can relieve the tension by blowing our thumb
– simple action that slows down our pulse and calms us down.

– fall asleep quicker by avoiding your bed unless you are ready to sleep.

Live healthy and amazing life …


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